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You Sexy Thing!

You Sexy Thing! Tori CarringtonHunky sex therapist Dylan Fairbanks is looking forward to his upcoming book tour–until he learns he’s been paired up with his rival, gorgeous Grace Mattias. The woman is too outrageous, too uninhibited…and way too sexy! Dylan can’t seem to focus on anything but getting Grace into his bed. And she isn’t playing hard to get….

Grace Mattias can’t remember when she’s enjoyed a tour more. Dylan is so stuffy, so sensible and so very, very knowledgeable. One explosive encounter leads to another, and suddenly the concept of monogamy is sounding pretty good. Only, Dylan isn’t willing to risk becoming one of Grace’s kiss-and-run casualties. He might want to keep Grace in his bed–but he intends to ask another woman to be his wife….



Author: Tori Carrington



Series: Harlequin Blaze Book 15