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The Woman in Blue

The Woman in Blue Janice Kay JohnsonThe people of Elk Springs, Oregon, thought Ed Patton was a good man, a good cop, a good father. But his daughters know the truth ….

Renee Patton feels she has to prove to everyone–especially herself–that even though she’s a cop, she’s nothing like her father. It’s definitely a full-time job, leaving her no time or inclination for a social fife. But that changes when she meets rancher Daniel Barnard.

Daniel’s the first person who’s ever made Renee long for another kind of life-a life that doesn’t revolve around her uniform. Suddenly she realizes she might just have found the one man who’s willing to take on Patton’s daughter. Everything would be perfect-if only Daniel’s mother wasn’t involved in the case Renee’s investigating.



Author: Janice Kay Johnson



Series: Harlequin Super Romance Book 854

Patton’s Daughters Book 1