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Uneasy Alliances

Uneasy Alliances Robert AsprinWelcome to Sanctuary, a city of outlaws and adventurers in a world of war and wizardry, peopled with colorful characters created by today’s top fantasy adventure talents, including:

Robert Lynn Asprin
Robin W. Bailey
C.J. Cherryh
John DeCles
Chris Morris
Diana L. Paxson

In this brilliant eleventh volume, the citizens of Sanctuary face the awesome task of putting their lives back together after the war. As some try to salvage order from the chaos, others see their opportunity to settle old debts at the point of a sword.



Authors: Robert Asprin

Lynn Abbey

C. J. Cherryh

Jon DeCles

Chris Morris

C. S. Williams

Robin Wayne Bailey

Diana L. Paxson



Series: Thieves’ World Book 11